Simulations on Location

By Megan Weldon

University of Delaware has been taking their simulations "on location" in hopes of creating the highest fidelity possible with live people in an authentic location. Healthcare Theater and UD1 began their partnership in 2017. CPat Lombardi wrote simulations for his Ems students to receive training and healthcare theater provided the patients and family members.


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Trauma Simulations



Car accident: this simulation begins with a young college student who was struck by a car,she is unresponsive in the middle of the street. Her boyfriend and sister anxiously wait as EMS provides care to the non responsive patient. A few feet away we have the driver that hit the young girl and a passenger in his car. Tension builds as the driver and boyfriend exchange words. As the tension builds we have UD police arrive on scene and begins to de escalate the situation right as the patient is moved into the ambulance.





Long Fall: Two 19 year old college students were drinking behind shipping containers one decided to climb up but feel off. He is agressivly responding and does not want care. The friend is vauge in answering because she doesent want to get in trouble for drinking underage. The care providers recieve little information. In the ambulance the patient begins to agginal breath



Psych Simulation

IMG_3404Drunk Suicide: Arrive on scene with no information. Patient has vertical slit wrists smells like alcohol. She is not responding but still concious. Once in the ambulance she becomes very combative she does not want to go to the hospital. She doesent want help she wants to die. She tries to take the straps off and is trying to get out of the ambulance.

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