Moulage Made Simple

By Megan Weldon

Creating realistic moulage can seem like a daunting task that will break the budget. 

This is a detailed tutorial on doing a compound fracture. 

1. Start with tissues and rip them into the size you want the injury you will need 20-25 peices of tissue.

2. Lay the tissue onto clean skin. Take the liquid latex and paint it on top of the tissue. Repeat this over and over. Do not over apply the liquid latex it will ripe the tissue, if some of the tissue rips, dont remove it just continue to to the next layer.
Link to afforadable liquid latex

Link to higher quality liquid latex



3. Allow time to dry. 

4. Take small scissors and punchture a hole then cut the tissue the desired lenghth. Be careful not to cut skin. 

5. Apply foundation or skin color and blend into skin and entire tissue area as well as inside the wound.


6. Add spirment applicator to wound and skin. Insert wound inside the hole you just cut. 

Purchase wound here


7. Add bruising on top of entire tissue area.

Link to my favorite bruise pallet


8. Add red on skin flaps and to wound.

9. Add blood and liquid scab on the inside of wound.

The link to the essential scab gel

10. With stipple sponge add blood to outside of wound.

Link to thick blood

Link to stipple brush


What full video to see it in action!

HubSpot Video


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